Friday, March 28, 2008

ya 7ayyu ya qayyoom

My fellow blogger His Highness Shaikh Amjad has published the video of the anthem he kept talking about in one of my previous posts.
I finally go what he was talking about.

The 1964 Zanzibar Massacre: Arabs mass murdered by blacks

This video features the only existing footage featuring the genocide on the Arab population of Zanzibar, in January 1964.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Qaboos Oman

This video contains lots of rare pictures of His Majesty along with the new ones. It's a very well created video, with one of Oman's most famous national theme song which keeps your inspired and loving your country more and more.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

isit Mall Of Arabia مول العربThe Biggest Mall in the World

Wasn't Dubai Mall the one who is going to be the world's largest Mall?
This video is kind of old so I don't know what happened about that project but anyways here is a video about Dubai Mall:

Abu Dhabi & Dubai Development

Part 1:

Part 2:

They keep developing and developing but until when?
It's getting too westernized to be true.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

مهرجان مسقط 2008

Something shameful to represent about country, this video is always going to be remembered as the festival's black history.
This matter has been discussed a lot and a lot so I don't have anything more to add about this.

مقطع من مسرحية أردنية تسخر من مجلس التهاون الخليجي

Hmm is this suposed to be funny?
Making fun of us, the Khaleeji's, and then having an annual tour every year to collect money from us. ;)

Trivium - to the rats ( South park Edition )

If you're a Trivium fanatic then you should crack watching this:

I find it really funny and nicely done.


And this would happen when your uncle has a unique number plate ...

If you think taking a whole video of a numberplate is lifeless then you have to check this out:

Same number, different countries ... Of course no one would buy the number with that price in Oman so you better keep it with you and make it "Priceless".

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Will It Blend? - iPhone

"Will it blend? that is the question!".

This series is a new creative way of advertising for a blending company. They try to blend almost everything from iPhone, Toilet Flusher, Torch and many other weird things.
To view the whole videos set click here.

الإتجاه المعاكس - الاحتجاجات ضد الدنمارك

One of the hottest episodes of the famous Arabian TV show called: "Al-Itijah Al-Mo'akis" (The Inverted Side). It's about Denmark's republish of the shameful charioteered imaginary drawings of the prophet of Islam.

The lady in the video is just insane. She used to be a Muslim but now she is attacking Islam more than even westerns!