Monday, January 26, 2009

BMW Sexy Advertisement

I still think the Porsche one is more original and creative ...

Qadhafi Talks About Pepsi-Cola and Coca Cola

Hmmm ...

Facebook Fever

via Amjad's Blog ...

Here comes a silly video about a silly website. =)

Sexy Porsche Ad

Couldn't have been more creative, lol.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If you got a random call from a stranger in KSA ...

... then don't answer it because he will probably embarrass you live on air!

King of Jordan appears in Star Trek

The King actually appeared in Star Trek!

The video of the scene:-

Dedicated to Yaqoub Al Saadi ...

The Conflicts between Al-Jazeera Sports Channel and Abu Dhabi Sports in Gulf Cup 19

Firstly ...

and then ...

Later on ...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chris Cocker

The first video is WTF!

The second video is WTF x2!


House Of Saud

The history of Saudi Arabia, very interesting documentary. Here is the first part ... you will be directed to the other parts in YouTube:

Homer Simpson's Best Moments


Here goes some mixes:

Not bad:
Foo Fighters vs. Guns´N´Roses

Green Day Vs. Oasis - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams/Wonderwall

Snow Patrol vs. The Police (Partyben mash-up)

Sad but true

This is a scene from an old play staring Doraid Laham, it goes back to the 70s but we are still facing the same problems until now! Wow!

I recommend this as a must watch.


Fedde Le Grand vs. Pharrell (DJ Lobsterdust mashup)

Here goes a very nice techno remix: